TV Mini Series Review A Christmas Carol (BBC) 3 Episodes.

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TV Mini Series Review

A Christmas Carol (BBC) 3 Episodes.

A television adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic Christmas tale of the miser Ebenezer Scrooge.

Stars: Guy Pearce, Stephen Graham, Joe Alwyn

Episode 1: The demons of greed and indifference to humanity are prevalent in Ebenezer Scrooge, and on Christmas Eve night he is warned that his only hope of redemption is a series of visits from three spirits.

Any Good?

IMDB Episode Rating 7.2/10

MGN Review.

Some people have just got to hate. I am no fan of how the BBC have made piss poor attempts at adaptations in the past, most notably the recent retelling of "The War Of The Worlds", but occasionally their adaptations are pretty good and although not 100% in line with the source material they can add very much to ones enjoyment if you were a big fan of the original.

Every Christmas I aim to re-watch "Scrooge" Alastair Sim and "Scrooge" Albert Finney and can add the "Muppet Christmas Carol" to this as well. So though I love these, I can by now remember every line and nuance.

So thank-you BBC for giving me something a little bit different to add to my back up must see Christmas Scrooge stories.

Ok the cockney accents are all over the place, but we're not quite at the Dick Van Dyke levels here and the array of mainly British actors do a great job.

It is British born but now Australian formative years actor Guy Pearce who plays Ebenezer, very very well and he rubs off against the far smarter Bob Cratchett played by Joe Alwyn extremely well. Add the great Stephen Graham as Jacob Marley and the three main protagonists of Episode 1 add characters you can invest your time in.

Some nice little back stories and sub plots going on as well made this an enjoyable watch, although I was not overly convinced by Tiny Tim but he may grow on me.

Cannot wait for next two episodes and on the basis of this so far, am keen to see whar the BBC have done with "Dracula", that is only a few days away.

MGN Rating 7/10

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