This Happy Breed 1944 Robert Newton, Celia Johnson, Amy Veness

Friday, 5 April 2019  |  Admin

David Lean's first colour film.The title is taken from a monologue in Shakespeare's "Richard II", which is widely renowned for its stirring pro-Anglicism.Billy (Sir John Mills) works his way up in the Navy through the movie. When he is first seen, he is a Leading Seaman/Rate having a 3rd Class Quarters Rating in Gunnery, to being a Sub-Lieutenant, having made the transition from the ranks to the Officer Class.Director Sir David Lean had offered Robert Donat the role of Frank Gibbons.The orchestral fanfare which plays over the final shots is based round the main theme of the then-popular patriotic song "London Pride", a song written and most notably recorded by Producer NoŽl Coward

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