Stuart Little (Michael J. Fox, Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie) 1999

Sunday, 7 April 2019  |  Admin

Jim Carrey was considered for the voice of Stuart Littleand Bill Murray was considered for the voice of Snowbell.Geena Davis and Jeffrey Jones previously worked together in Beetlejuice (1988).The first film to hit the number one in 2000.Mickey Rooney were considered for role of MontyIn Mousehunt (1997), Nathan Lane is trying to catch a mouse, making this the second of three movies where he plays a mouse hunter The third being Stuart Little 2 (2002).Sean Connery, Edward Asner, Clint Eastwood, Alec Baldwin, Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, Anthony Hopkins, Charles Dance, Malcolm McDowell, Jack Davenport were all considered for the role of Mr. Stout.Jerry Seinfeld were considered for the role of Stuart Little.

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