Stephen King's Thinner (Robert John Burke, Joe Mantegna, Lucinda Jenney ) 1995

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Director Tom Holland wasn't happy with the ending; the producers changed the original one (which was faithful to the novel) because every test audience hated it.Joe Mantegna, who plays Richie Ginelli in the film, also narrates the audiobook of "Thinner".Writer-Director Tom Holland was stricken with Bells-Palsy, a virus which paralyzed half of his face. The effects could have been minimized if he'd gotten a steroid immediately, but the producers insisted he kept working, It took more than a year and a half for Holland to fully recover, the result of which was the end his Hollywood career for ten years.Cameo: Stephen King, appears as Dr. Bangor, a pharmacist. Bangor, Maine, is where King lives.After the gypsy woman is hit by the car, the wipers spread blood across the windshield, creating a clown's face, in homage to King's other novel "IT".Depending upon the stage of his character's deterioration, Robert John Burke had to spend up to six hours each day in the makeup chair.

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