Psycho (Vince Vaughn, Anne Heche, Julianne Moore) 1998

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INFLATION:In the original $40k was embezzled from her employer. The remake has upped it to $400kThe last frame in the film is a skull that is superimposed over Vaughn's face. This is the same one used in the last frame of Psycho (1960), superimposed over Anthony Perkins' face.In the original, Sir Alfred Hitchcock wanted his opening shot to be a long, complete pan and zoom over the city into Marion's hotel room. Sadly, technology was not yet perfected, so he achieved his effect through a series of pans and dissolves. The 1998 version does a complete travelling shot, as Hitchcock had intended.The film was shot in six weeks, as was Psycho (1960).When asked why he did a shot-for-shot, full color remake of Psycho (1960), with bhis 1998 update, Gus Van Sant replied "So no one else would have to."

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