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Out Of Reach (2004)

(15) 1hr 26 mins Crime Action Drama.

directed by Po-Chih Leong, written by Trevor Miller, and starring Steven Seagal and Ida Nowakowska.

The film was released on direct-to-DVD in the United States and UK in, 2004.

Seagal plays William Lansing, a former covert agent turned survivalist, tracking a human trafficking ring and trying to rescue his pen pal, a thirteen-year-old orphan from Poland whom he has taught to use secret codes.

Very Odd?
For large portions of the movie, Seagal was dubbed over by a voice over artist. So at certain times during the movie he speaks with his own voice, but then at other times with a dubbed voice which can be detected very easily as being dubbed. The reasoning was that changes were made in the storyline after most of the film was already shot.

Any Good?

IMDB User Rating 4/10

"An impressive achievement considering recent years, Worst Seagal film ever!!"
"Seagal's Ship Is Still S(t)inking"
"When will it end???"

The Promotional Poster: (Much better than the film and a must for Seagal fans.


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