Movie Rewind (Great movies from 90s/2000s A Beautiful Mind (12) 2001 .

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Movie Rewind (Great movies from 90s/2000s

A Beautiful Mind (12) 2001

2hr 15mins, Biography Drama

Director: Ron Howard

Stars: Russell Crowe, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Plummer, Paul Bettany.

Whats it About?
From the heights of notoriety to the depths of depravity, John Forbes Nash, Jr. experienced it all. A mathematical genius, he made an astonishing discovery early in his career and stood on the brink of international acclaim. But the handsome and arrogant Nash soon found himself on a painful and harrowing journey of self-discovery. After many years of struggle, he eventually triumphed over his tragedy, and finally - late in life - received the Nobel Prize.


John Forbes Nash Jr. (June 13, 1928 May 23, 2015)

His theories are widely used in economics. Serving as a Senior Research Mathematician at Princeton University during the later part of his life, he shared the 1994 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences with game theorists Reinhard Selten and John Harsanyi. In 2015, he also shared the Abel Prize with Louis Nirenberg for his work on nonlinear partial differential equations. John Nash is the only person to be awarded both the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and the Abel Prize.

In 1959, Nash began showing clear signs of mental illness, and spent several years at psychiatric hospitals being treated for paranoid schizophrenia. After 1970, his condition slowly improved, allowing him to return to academic work by the mid-1980s.[4] His struggles with his illness and his recovery became the basis for Sylvia Nasar's biography, A Beautiful Mind, as well as a film of the same name starring Russell Crowe as Nash.[5][6][7]

The Movie:

The equations seen on the classroom chalk boards are actual equations written by the real life John Nash.

The film was shot in sequence in order to help Russell Crowe develop a consistently progressive manner of behavior.

One of John Nash's sons plays the orderly on the right, in the scene where Nash is being dragged down the hall.

John and Alicia Nash were killed in a car accident, when the driver of a taxi they were riding in lost control of the car and collided with a guard rail and a second car on the New Jersey Turnpike. The New York Times said that although the two drivers suffered only minor injures, the Nashes were "ejected from the cab and pronounced dead at the scene." John was 86 and Alicia was 82.

Any Good?

Metascore Rating 7.2/10

Wall Street Journals Joe Morgenstern rated it 7/10 and commented.
Howard, and the screenwriter, Akiva Goldsman, have used the book as nothing more than their jumping-off point for an erratic work of fiction that's part mystery thriller and part Hollywood schmaltz.

IMDB User Rating 8.2/10

Fara zahri on 5 February 2007 rated it 8/10 and said
The movie was somehow close to me as my uncle, who was a genius,also suffered from schizophrenia, but passed away years ago. I cried when nash was seen sitting on his house balcony because i remembered that was how my uncle used to sit for hours, solving puzzles.
Connelly was as good as ever, and she is comfortable carrying this type of role. Loving yet not mushy, smart yet vulnerable at the same time.
Despite all the comments about the movie not being realistic and not really based on the facts, i still think it deserves credit. One the of the most beautiful movies i have ever watched.

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