Movie Review Zero Troop (PG)

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Movie Review

Zero Troop (PG)

1hr 34mins

Troop Zero is a American comedy-drama film, directed by Bert & Bertie, This is the second feature film directed by Bert & Bertie, who have been creating commercials and shorts together since the two ladies met on a project in 2005

The film stars Viola Davis, Mckenna Grace, Jim Gaffigan, Mike Epps, Charlie Shotwell, and Allison Janney

Whats The Story?

In rural Georgia in 1977, a group of elementary-school misfits led by gutsy outcast Christmas Flint join forces to infiltrate the high-and-mighty Birdie Scouts youth group in order to win a talent show. The winning Birdies will earn the right to have their voices included on the Voyager Golden Record, which Christmas believes will be heard by her deceased mother if they can just win the show.

Any Good?

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a 77% approval rating based on 30 reviews, with an average rating of 6.59/10, with the consensus being "thanks to a charming cast and infectious energy, Troop Zero is more than the sum of its instantly familiar parts"

IMDB Metascore (Critics) Rating 5.9/10

Despite a low average most Critics rate it between 6 and 7.5

Los Angeles Times Kimber Myers rated it a 7 and sums it up by stating:

Troop Zero is bursting with personality and stylistic flourishes; it might be too twee for some, but its better to let yourself be won over by its sincerity and sweetness, tempered by just enough sadness and quirk.

IMDB User rating 7.1/10

MGN Review

I echo the positives on this movie, McKenna Grace won me over from the start and really helped me invest in this film. She was backed by some really good actors young and old.

Saw some criticism about the southern accents on show, but as a Brit I had no idea in the same way I can baulk at British accents in US movies, but this shouldn't be enough to not enjoy a films storyline and its feel good elements.

The kids peeing scene is an interesting addition to a movie, not sure if it quite works but well gloss over that.

And we have Bowie songs, what more can we ask. A great little family film.

MGN Rating 7.5/10

The Golden Records described in the movie were placed on both the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes launched in 1977. They are still traveling, and 40 years later have already left the solar system.


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