Movie Review The Irishman

Thursday, 28 November 2019  |  Admin

Movie Review

The Irishman

3hr 29m

Biography, Crime, Drama
Stars: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Anna Paquin, Harvey Keitel.

A mob hitman recalls his possible involvement in the killing of Union Leader Jimmy Hoffa.

Any Good?

Metascore (Ctitics) rating 9.4/10

TheWrap (Alonso Duralde) 9.5/10
This is a movie that’s rife with characters, with incidents, with ideas, with history, and as such, it will benefit from multiple viewings. But even after the first watch, The Irishman hits hard, and it’s a reminder that nearly 30 years after “Goodfellas,” Martin Scorsese still has fascinating mob tales to tell, and fascinating ways to tell them.

IMDB User Rating 8.7/10


Maybe I'm missing something...

David Klein-06399 28 November 2019

But I have no idea why this is rated so high. Nostalgia? Its a Scorsese saga (4 hours), minus DiCaprio. It reminded me of "Casino", with the actors all switched around, playing different roles in a different setting, but the same sort of story. The rise and fall of an iconic figure, only this time the figure doesn't get away at the end - although De-Niro does (again). It has its moments, and is undoubtedly star-studded, but its really just an average biopic period picture that's chock-full of holes without any rhyme or reason. And its a LONG, long ride.

Scorsese remains a brilliant storyteller.
Ghost runner66 28 November 2019
It doesn't move quite as fast as Goodfellas or Casino, but Scorsese's storytelling remains masterful, simply put. Watching these acting giants will never become tiresome for true fans of cinema, and the supporting cast was nothing short of amazing. And with Robbie Robertson's musical mastery? (the closing theme was haunting, beautiful and, well, pure Robertson) Well done.

MGN Review/Rating

The movie did have a mini series feel to it and at least if you did not watch it at the Cinema you had the benefit of being able to pause the stream or when on DVD pause it and go back.

I watched it in one sitting with an intermission about two thirds through, so a bit like the old days of Cinema.

Despite the high ratings there is some negativity mainly centred round the actors playing parts so much younger with the help of CGI and still looking a little long in the tooth for the age they are supposed to be playing.

But it’s a movie you are supposed to suspend these thoughts and just enjoy it for what it is. Despite throwing plenty of characters at us, the story was easy to follow and it is a privilege to watch such talent old and new, it is doubtful we will get to see this mix again.

I think the female element of the film could have been expanded more, but hey then we would have had a mini series. Simple gangster story, not as brutal despite the content as the classics of the past, but a thoroughly modern looking tale of the time and a pleasure to watch.

Is it up there with The “Godfather’s” and “Goodfellas”, possibly not but it has partly been made for a new generation of movie and season box set watchers and it’s style lends itself well to that market.

MGN Rating 8/10

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