Movie Review Lady and the Tramp (PG)

Sunday, 1 December 2019  |  Admin

Movie Review

Lady and the Tramp (PG)

1hr 43mins

Comedy Adventure Drama

CGI re-imagining of the 1955 Disney classic.

Director: Charlie Bean

Stars: Tessa Thompson, Justin Theroux, Sam Elliott

Any Good?

Of the cartoon classics that have been revamped so far put out by Disney, this is the weakest.

The dogs lack the chemistry and character of their 50's animated originals and a story and setting doctored seemingly to suit modern tastes, means the humans are poor updates as well.

There is enough in the animation to appeal to a younger new generation and of course dog lovers but after watching it, it will surely be the 50's classic that will be revisited in years to come not this poor relation.

MGN Rating 6.5/10 IMDB Rating 6.4/10 Metascore (Critics) Rating 4.8/10

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