Movie Review Charlie's Angels 12A

Monday, 18 November 2019  |  Admin

Movie Review

Charlie's Angels

12A 1hr 58m Comedy, Adventure, Action

When a young systems engineer blows the whistle on a dangerous technology, Charlie's Angels are called into action, putting their lives on the line to protect us all.

Director: Elizabeth Banks

Stars: Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska

Any Good?

I've given this a watchable rating as some of the action is pretty good and almost believable. I'm a big Patrick Stewart fan but casting him as Bosley is pretty laughable.

That apart the Angels are ok, though as a fan of the original TV quartet, neither these or the previous Movie doppelgangers really inspire me and lack a bit of personality and depth.

The story is ok, with elements of the modern world problems coming to the fore, but thankfully not too preachy and a simple turn your brain off action movie, though not sure where the comedy came into it?

MGN Rating 6/10 IMDB Rating 4.3/10 Metascore (Critics) Review 5.1/10

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