Movie Review (12) The Windermere Children

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Movie Review (12)
The Windermere Children
1hr 28mins
War Drama

The harrowing and ultimately life-affirming story of Holocaust children who were relocated and rehabilitated in the UK after World War II. It began with uncertainty and fear in the new land, however it eventually led to the triumph of hope and goodwill and life-long friendship and happiness that they all cherish.

Director: Michael Samuels

Stars: Iain Glen, Romola Garai, Thomas Kretschmann

Any Good?

IMDB Rating 7.9/10

MGN Review

Well told and well acted by a mainly younger cast, this is a well told story based on true events and people.

A really nice touch to see some of the real children involved at the end of the film.

Many will be put off by a large proportion of sub titles but well worth the effort of this small thing which helps with the realism and atmosphere of the film.

MGN Rating 7/10

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