K19 Widowmaker (Harrison Ford, Sam Spruell, Liam Neeson) 2002

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The surviving crew members were so incensed by the script that they sent an open letter to Harrison Ford, Producer/Director Kathryn Bigelow, and Producers Christine Whitaker and Steven-Charles Jaffe, expressing their dismay. They objected to were profane language, the animosity between the two highest-ranking commanding officers, insubordination among the crew, drunk crew members, the attempted mutiny, the guns amongst many more things.

The director and producers of K-19 were the first Western civilians ever allowed inside the Russian naval base at the Kola Peninsula.

The movie set of the sub was identical in size to the actual sub, thanks to the K-19 blueprints that were available to the producers. Since the sub's corridors were narrow, the filming camera rolled along a rail system on the ceiling. The rails were painted so they would blend with the sub's interiors.

Harrison Ford was seemingly paid $25 million for what amounted to 20 days' work.

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