Jezebel 1938 Bette Davis, Henry Fonda, George Brent.

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Director William Wyler would re shoot scenes countlessly. Bette Davis rebelled at first but eventually understood what he was aiming at and was rewarded with not only an Oscar but ended up carrying Wylers child. A recognised movie classic.In 1938, Bette received a second Academy Award nomination for her work in JezebelFilm trailer: Trivia: Bette Davis allegedly took 45 takes to perfect the scene as she lifts her skirt with her riding crop.Bette Davis' father died during productionBette Davis emotions were all over after finishing and with good reason. Not only had she finished one of the best performances in her career, but she was pregnant with William Wyler's child.Following a row with William Wyler, Bette Davis embarked on an affair with Henry Fonda that increased tensions on the set.Bette Davis credited William Wyler for making her a box office-star after he directed this performance.William Wyler couldn't shoot any close-ups of Bette Davis for 10 days because a pimple on her nose erupted. By the time it healed, the film was almost 2 weeks behind schedule.

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