Into the West, Gabriel Byrne, Colm Meaney, Brendan Gleeson, Ellen Barkin 1992

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Grandpa Ward gives a horse he found to his grandchildren, who keep it in their tower-block in Dublin. The horse is stolen from them, and the two young boys set out to find it.

Director: Mike Newell

The name of the horse was Tír na nÓg (Land of Eternal Youth)

The film has a veritable Irish All-Star cast: Including Gabriel Byrne, David Kelly, Colm Meaney and Brendan Gleeson.

Several horses were used for the white horse during production.

Jim Norton and Tony Rohr both appeared in the comedy classic Father Ted (1995-1998), a well-known Irish sitcom set on the fictional Craggy Island. This is off the west coast of Ireland, where the climax of Into the West (1992) takes place.

The VHS of "Into The West" was released in Ireland and the UK on 21 September 1993 by Entertainment in Video. It was released on DVD in Ireland and the UK on 17 December 2001 also by Entertainment in Video.

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