Formula 1 Car Racing Game (2-6 Players) Waddingtons.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019  |  Admin

A classic racing game from the sixties, has stood the test of time well. There have been newer versions but the rules are the same and the look and the feel takes you back to the sixties.

The players use "dashboards", complete with a speedometer and tire and brake wear gauges. Maximum acceleration is fixed, tire and brake wear may happen as a result of cornering too quickly.

Pit stops will get you fresh brakes and tires but you must reach them by exact count. Pit cards can either give you help or work against you.

The race runs for up to 10 laps; the player furthest past the finish line when all players have had the same number of turns wins.

The game's simplicity makes it accessible to younger players, whilst it remains enjoyable by adults.

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