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Box Sets Episode Watch

The Grand Tour Season 4 Episode 1

The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen

The route begins in Cambodia at Siem Reap and then winds downriver to Tonlé Sap lake, before joining the Mekong Delta and sailing into Vietnam. The final port of call is Vung Tau, in south Vietnam.

IMDB Rating 9/10

Any Good?

I watch these three guys as I enjoy the chemistry between them and their childish pranks and humour appeal to that side of me.

I also like to see places in the World many of which I have never been and am ever likely to go to and to visit them in the company of these three is as good a way as any.

I've never really been bothered about how a car works and in this episode, about boats! it doesn't bother me that it is just basically about them travelling by three differing styles of boat through Cambodia and Vietnam.

So I like it perhaps not as laugh out loud funny as some episodes I've ever watched, but I'm sure if you want a little bit about cars you may be disappointed.

MGN Rating 7/10

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