Box Set/Mini-Series Season Watch: Carnival Row (8 Episodes)

Sunday, 17 November 2019  |  Admin

Box Set/Mini-Series Season Watch:

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Carnival Row (8 Episodes)

Crime, Drama, Fantasy

A human detective and a fairy rekindle a dangerous affair in a Victorian fantasy world, where the city's uneasy peace collapses when a string of murders reveals an unimaginable monster.

Stars: Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne, Simon McBurney |

Ep 1 & 2.

Any Good?

Another nice addition to the fantasy meets real-world drama genre. The usual bigotry driven storyline that has immigrants to a land becoming second class citizens. The drama will only succeed with a creative plot and the series needs to develop its storyline to leave the watcher looking forward to a second season.

Some nudity and sex scenes which are always a worrying sign but did add to the story, just. The sex scene between human and fairy was especially odd but captivating. But it's been done now so hopefully, it was to grab attention. It did and the story can move on.

Potential, nicely shot and well-acted, give it a watch.

MGN Episode 1 & 2 Rating 7/10 IMDB Season Rating 8/10

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