Box Set Special: The Witcher (Season 1) 8 Episodes

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The Witcher (Season 1) 8 Episodes

Action Adventure Drama

Geralt of Rivia, a solitary monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.
Creator: Lauren Schmidt
Stars: Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, Joey Batey

A Dedicated lead actor in Cavill

Henry Cavill is til now, perhaps best known for playing Clark Kent/Superman in the DC Extended Universe, but he has played many roles on TV and film since 2001.

Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill was born on Jersey, in the Channel Islands on May 5th 1983.

Henry Cavill had already played all the Witcher games on his prefered PC and read all the Witcher novels. So when it came to finally making the series, Cavill was already well-versed in the lore and deeply aware of the story and his character.

Once he landed the role, which he actively pursued he also declined to use a stunt double for the action scenes in the show. He said, "It is very important to me that when you see Geralt on screen you know it's me and not some guy who can do the Geralt stuff and I am just the acting piece in it. For me the character involves all of that.

Henry Cavill's training for the role consisted of extensive sword-training (besides the rigorous bodybuilding required to prepare his physique for the camera). He said, "I spent all of my free time, and when I wasn't on set, with a sword in my hand. It was getting used to the weight of the sword, using it day in and day out. I had three swords where I lived, and four at work. And it was just non-stop practice, practice, practice."

Indeed Vladimir Furdik, the veteran stuntman and fight designer (of Game of Thrones fame who eventually ended up portraying the Night King on the hit show) praised Henry Cavill's fighting skills as the best he had ever seen in his decades long career.

Any Good?

As expected some negativity but the overall thoughts seem to be very positive.

IMDB User Rating overall 0f 9.5/10

Episodes Rating between 8.7-9.4/10

IMDB User Kamran rahmaty on 20 December 2019 Rated it 7/10 and wrote
For the most part it was an enjoyable experience. I'm gonna only talk about things that I didn't like :

1- Some of the side characters couldn't act if their lives were dependent on it.
2- Screwed Up timeline that confuses people. (for people who see this know that at the beginning everything is not happening at the same time. there are decades in between some of things you see)
3- I wanted more action tbh. I think they have to remove some nudity and replace it with action in Season 2. It is just much more satisfying to see sword fights than a naked person.
4- Some of the CGI was a little bit weak.

All that being said I really enjoyed this and the second season will probably be a 10/10 because the story is getting really good by the end of the season 1. Season 2 is expected in 2021.

MGN Review

I can well understand where some of the negativity towards this comes from. It does lack the atmosphere and darkness of something like GOT.

It flits from the occasional dark scene to light and sets that look like a Medievil Kingdom put up for tourists and occasional CGI that looks like something hand drawn with actors in the foreground.

But it is what it is. A story as old as time, Good v Evil and some in-between, lost Kingdoms, Magic, Heroes and Villains and fortunately has one or two likable characters who are forced into various quests to just survive or for money.

Jaskier played by Joey Batey a Minstrel type Bard supposed part time Jester is my least favourite character and I find him a little annoying. His role is to add a bit of humour into the serious world of our Witcher fella Geralt played pretty well by Henry Cavill. Sadly the “A Knight’s Tale” element of this relationship just bores it a little for me and is pretty much unfunny. Where is Paul Bettany when you need him or even a Mark Addy as a quirky companion to our hero.

The female leads are fairly good as all three do a good job Freta Allen as Ciri, but more so both MyAnna Buring as Tissaia and Anya Chalotra as Yennefer. Jodhi May plays a reasonable Warrior Queen as well.

It does dip occasionally and the verbals at times get a wee bit slow and boring without moving the story on quickly enough, but thankfully just as you start to consider checking your phone something better happens to drag you back in. Based on that any more than 8 episodes would have been far too much.

A good addition to the fantasy on screen genre, but as to be expected will have its haters.

MGN Season Rating 7/10

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