Box Set Season Watch: Marianne S1 8 Episodes

Thursday, 3 October 2019  |  Admin

Box Set Season Watch:

We check out the Early Episodes of Newly Released Drama Seasons. Are they worth persevering with?

Marianne S1 8 Episodes

Emma, a famous and successful French horror writer, is forced to return to her hometown after the woman who haunted her dreams fifteen years ago begins to re-appear.

Stars: Victoire Du Bois, Lucie Boujenah, Tiphaine Daviot

Episodes Watched 1:

A series you will have to watch in it's original French with subtitles or watch the dubbed version, which is not everyone's idea of fun.

The dubbing is not too bad and this series has potential. An unlikeable female lead character who I'm sure will grow on us in time and although not anything new to the genre, this French offering achieves the scares we all crave from this type of Stephen King homage.

Looking forward to episode 2.

MGN Rating 7/10, IMDB Rating 7.6/10

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