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Board Game Review

About Time (2007) 2-20 Players/Teams

Time Travel in a Box - The Game of Discovery, Cunning and Chance.

The Makers (Circa Circa) Blurb:

"About Time is a thrilling board game that invites players to test their general knowledge, lateral thinking and poker-style cunning as it takes them on a journey through time. Players compete to win the most tokens before the end of the game by guessing CLOSEST to the year of an iconic event. There are no wrong answers as you only have to get closer than the other players! Like history itself, the About Time board game is littered with pitfalls and surprises. You can catch the Plague, be held up by a Highwayman or be challenged to a Duel and see your fortunes rise and fall. There is no waiting around in About Time as all players take part in every round and everyone can play and win, from teenagers to grandparents."

Any Good?

Board Game Geek Rating 6.1/10 (80 Ratings) 75% of Users scored it 6/10 or more.

Amazon Rating 3.7/5 (28 out of 45 Rated it 4 or 5/5)

MGN Review:

Far from perfect, but a great alternative to Trivial Pursuit, although more for history fans and younger players who are in a team, as most questions can be hard although guesses are always appropriate.

Well presented and great looking. Though a very busy board it's not as complicated as it first looks.

Great that you win tokens and can even steal tokens from others which adds more fun to what could be a bland game.

MGN Rating 6.5/10

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