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Polarity (2-4 Players) 8 Yrs + 1986

Polarity (2-4 Players) 8 Yrs + 1986
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Brand:  Temple

Bit of a love it or leave it with this very unique game. Totally different and a steady hand is needed.

USED GOOD: In this orginal game, players take turns making magnetic discs defy the laws of gravity and stay still in mid air! By strategically placing your discs on the mat, you begin to trap your opponent so you have the advantage to gain points. As a result, chaos ensues which causes discs to collide and a magnetic frenzy could erupt which can result in scoring opportunities. Towers of discs are scored as points; the player with the most points at the end of a game wins. Watch out for the always dangerous red disc, any movement of that piece and the game is over!

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