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JOHN FOGERTY - Premonition (All Region DVD)

JOHN FOGERTY - Premonition (All Region DVD)

Track List

1. Born on the Bayou
2. Green River
3. Suzie-Q
4. I Put a Spell on you
5. Bring it Down to Jellyroll
6. Who'll Stop the Rain
7. Premonition
8. 110 in the Shade
9. Almost Saturday Night
10. Rockin'All Over the World
11. Joy of My Life
12. Down on the Corner
13. Centerfield
14. Swamp River Days
15. Hot Rod Heart
16. Old Man Down the Road
17. Blueboy
18. Walking in a Hurricane
19. Bad Moon Rising
20. Fortunate Son
21. Proud Mary Travelin' Band

USED LIKE New: South korean NTSC all region import, sleeve contains english and asian text. Plays in English. Run time 89 mins Good quality, this item has been duplicated from original prints. Full refund if not satisfied.

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