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KING DAVID (All Region DVD) RICHARD GERE, Edward Woodward 1985

KING DAVID (All Region DVD) RICHARD GERE, Edward Woodward 1985

This is a movie about the life of Israel's king David.

Director: Bruce Beresford

A Box Office flop despite being one of Gere's best performances.

Playing Joab was Tim Woodward, the son of Edward Woodward, who played Saul.

In 'Signet' magazine published on 15th May 1999, Director Beresford said: "I think there are a few things in it that are interesting. But, I think there are so many things that are wrong.

Rachel Weisz was offered a big role, when she was only 14, but her parents would not allow her to do it.

The film's story from the Bible was based upon its books of Samuel I and II, Chronicles I and the Psalms of David.

The legendary biblical fight between David and Goliath is featured in the movie.

Kevin Kline was set replace Richard Gere due to his work possibly over-running on Francis Ford Coppola's 'The Cotton Club' (1984). It didn't.

South korean NTSC all region import, sleeve contains english and asian text. Plays in English with optional English/Korean sub titles. Run time 113 mins Good quality but this item has not been remastered and is duplicated from original prints so please do not expect anything like high definition. Full refund if not satisfied.

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