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Tom Jones: Live at Cardiff Castle (All Region DVD) 2004

Tom Jones: Live at Cardiff Castle (All Region DVD) 2004
[Track List]1. A Lot of Love 2. Hard To Handle 3. help Yourself 4. Never Tear us Apart 5. You're right i'm left she's gone 6. Burning down the house 7. Delilah 8. She's a lady 9. Without love 10. Sometime we cry11. Crapped out again12. Venus13. If I only knew14. You need Love like I do15. Mama told me not to come16. Give me one reason17. Am I wront18. A boy from nowhere19. Never fall in love...again20. Green, Green Grass21. Pussy Cat22. Leaven your hat on23. Sex Bomb24. It's not unusual25. It's Your thing26. Are you gonna go my way27. Kiss

South korean NTSC all region import, sleeve contains english and asian text. Plays in English. Run time 128 mins Good quality, this item has been duplicated from original prints. Full refund if not satisfied.

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