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The Skulls (Joshua Jackson, Paul Walker, Hill Harper) 2000 Movie Poster A2

The Skulls (Joshua Jackson, Paul Walker, Hill Harper) 2000 Movie Poster A2
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A senior at an ivy league college, who depends on scholarships and working on the side, gets accepted into the secret society The Skulls. He hopes it betters chances at Harvard but The Skulls is not what he thought.

Director: Rob Cohen

The film was critically panned, but successful enough to spawn two sequels, The Skulls II (2002) and The Skulls III (2004).

The film was shot in Toronto with the University of Toronto disguised as Yale University, the plot's setting.

The Skull-and-Bones Society actually gives out watches to each class of skulls, though not necessarily with the whole branding ceremony. After the movie was filmed, Joshua Jackson acquired one of the actual watches and gave it to director Rob Cohen.

When the Skulls members are heading out to the island, the castle in the background is Singer Castle on Dark Island. The island that the Skull and Bone Society owns is called Deer Island. Both islands are in the the St. Lawrence River.

Rare A2 (59x42cm approx) Movie poster. Supplied to Rental/Retail video shops to coincide with the release of the movie on video/dvd in the UK. Though unused and stored in dry smoke free conditions. The Posters are a little tired especially round the edges as they have been moved about for a few years in storage, but remain in good condition and ideal for trimming and framing.

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