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Gladiators (2 + Players) 6 Yrs + (1998) small

Gladiators (2 + Players) 6 Yrs + (1998) small
 Gladiators (2 + Players) 6 Yrs + (1998) smallGladiators (2 + Players) 6 Yrs + (1998) small 
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Brand:  Paul Lamond Games

Gladiators Ready ?? Well are you ??

USED GOOD CONDITION Playing pieces are cardboard so there is play wear but all still good. (Box shows some counters but there is no listing for them in the contents or mention in the instructions. There were none with the game so we have put 6 counters in the box in case there is a need and these can be numbered and used). : Compete against your favourite Gladiator, with this three dimensional board game. This game enables you to recreate the Gladiators Arena in your very own home. With easy assembly instructions, each of the 7 events have been miniaturised to recapture the spectacle, and of course the glamour, that is Gladiators!

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