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Classic British Comedies (2 + Players/Teams) 8 Yrs +

Classic British Comedies (2 + Players/Teams) 8 Yrs +
Our Price:  £14.99

Brand:  Paul Lamond Games

No need for a vast comedy knowledge to win as you can win by throwing high scores on the dice. Not too taxing.

NEW: Battle it out to be the best at Comedy knowledge. Players face four challenge options as they work their way around the board: a DVD question, a Card question, a DVD or Card question and a Comedy Card. The challenges range from watching a clip on the DVD and answering a question relating to it within 15 seconds to collecting a Comedy Card which helps you make moves around the board without having to rely on knowledge of comedy classics. The winner of the Classic British Comedies game is the first player to land their Comedy Award on the TV screen space in the centre of the game board.

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