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Fabula (3-8 Players) 8 Yrs + (2010)

Fabula (3-8 Players) 8 Yrs + (2010)

Brand:  Libellud

Great game aimed at frustrated actors who enjoy making tall tales up.

USED GOOD: Fabula (previously known as Grimm) is a story-telling game where players must fill in parts of a story. One of them is the teller, who read (or imagine) the beginning of a short tale his/her current dream. Each other player incarnates a hero (a gnome, a princess, a little boy, etc.) who tries to be the main character of the teller's dream. 3 times during the game, the teller asks the other players how they think things happened at that time of the story. They must choose an item depicted on one of the cards laying at the centre of the table and use it to continue the story.

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