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The Crocodile Hunter Game (2-4 Players) 5 Yrs + (1994)

The Crocodile Hunter Game (2-4 Players) 5 Yrs + (1994)

Brand:  MB Games

Perhaps Steve Irwin has faded from peoples memory, but it would be a shame not to enjoy this game in his memory.

USED GOOD: Welcome to the Australia Zoo, home of Steve and Terri Irwin and Agro, the giant crocodile. You're trying to fence-hop around Agro's pit by drawing "Move Ahead" Cards that send you from space to space. But if you draw a "Croc Card," that means just one thing: Start the motorized Agro and watch out! Maybe you're on a Safe Spot, whew! But if you're not, Argo will thrash and crash around his pit. If he hits you, he'll send you flying! Keep fence-hopping until one of you makes it all the way around and wins.

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