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The Darling Buds of May Game (2-6 Players) 6 Yrs + (1991)

The Darling Buds of May Game (2-6 Players) 6 Yrs + (1991)

Brand:  Crown & Andrews

Simple roll move and answer questions with a tenuous link to TV series. One for nostalgia for Buds fans.

USED GOOD: "Pop Larkin has inherited a fortune from a long lost uncle in Africa. He leaves Pop Larkin 100,000 in cash which Pop naturally hides all over the farm yard, paddock, woods and fields. The tax office get to hear that there's money about and suspect Pop of a major fiddle! The hunt for the money begins. The Larkins need to find the money before the Tax Inspector. Mr Charlton needs to find the money to prove his case agaisnt the Larkins and the Brigadier and Edith Pilchester certainly need the money!

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