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Downton Abbey (2-6 players) 8 Yrs + (2013)

Downton Abbey (2-6 players) 8 Yrs + (2013)

Brand:  RTL

Roll and move fans for the fans of the TV series who perhaps don't play many games.

USED GOOD: The fast moving game that transports you in to the world of Downton Abbey. As a maid or footman, you have to complete the tasks you are given as quickly as possible. Starting in the Servants' Hall, each player is dealt Destination cards which have varying values indicated by the number of bells on the card. This relates to how important or difficult the task is. The players must then navigate their way around the corridors and stairs of the Abbey, throwing the dice to determine how many moves they can make. The winner is the player who has completed all their jobs and collected the most bells.

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