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Moonshot the Game (1-4 Players) 10 Yrs + (1997)

Moonshot the Game (1-4 Players) 10 Yrs + (1997)

Brand:  History In Action

Won't be to everyone's taste, a mix of game and history but great for fans of anything Spacey.

USED GOOD: Brings to life the fascinating story of mankindís greatest adventureóthe Apollo voyages to the moon. MOONSHOT is not a trivia game, itís a fast-paced game of strategy based on card-play. NASA projects Mercury, Gemini and Apollo provide the backdrop as players are put in command of the Space Race. Each landmark event, pioneering mission, heart-pounding crisis and incredible machine is represented by a playing card. Players use these cards and a supply of fuel cards to complete the historic NASA space missions in a race to be the first to land on the Moon.

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