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Perigon (2 Players) 8 Yrs +

Perigon (2 Players) 8 Yrs +

Timeless in its simplicity and strategy. Quality wooden board adds to the game play.

NEW: Perigon is a two-player strategy game. The board is a seven-by-six grid with grooved grid lines. The intersections of the grid are known as Hubs. The pieces are solid cylinders that lie in the grooves of the board in between the Hubs. The grooves that lie along the longer edges of the board are the goal lines. Each player has two Woods and two Granites while the Flag is a communal piece. Each move is a single 90 degree rotation in any direction off a Hub. Woods can only do ordinary rotations (Free moves). Granites can do Free moves but can also shunt past any Woods that they’re connected to (Shunt moves). The only way you can move the Flag is by rotating it off any of your own pieces that it’s connected to (Flag moves). Players take alternate turns to make their plays. You have two moves per play to move your pieces, and you can also move the Flag as many times as you wish and at any time in your play. Create structures with your pieces to move the Flag forward, and try to break up any structures that your opponent may be trying to build. Once you have moved the Flag onto your opponent’s goal line, you’re the winner.

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