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Monopoly : City (2-6 players) 8 Yrs + (2009)

Monopoly : City (2-6 players) 8 Yrs + (2009)
 Monopoly : City (2-6 players) 8 Yrs + (2009)Monopoly : City (2-6 players) 8 Yrs + (2009) 

Brand:  Hasbro

Even more of a luck element than the original but good addition.

USED GOOD: You start with more money than usual, which gives you the idea you will last longer (with a bit of luck maybe). The fact that now you can build right away when you bought a property, gives so much dynamic to the game. No more waiting until you have the whole set, or not having the set because one player refuses to trade. Even with a couple of single properties you can win the game.

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