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Melissa Etheridge - Live and Alone (All Region DVD)

Melissa Etheridge - Live and Alone (All Region DVD)

Track List:
Come To My Window
All American Girl
Down To One
Royal Station 4/16
I Want To come Ower
Chrome Plated Heart
The Weakness In Me
I Take You With Me
No Souveenirs
You Can Sleep While I Drive
The Different
Ready To Love
I Want To Be In Love
Your Little Secret
Lover Please
Bring Me Some Water
I'm The Only One
Like The Way I Do
Heal Me
Please Forgive Me

New: South korean NTSC all region import, sleeve contains english and asian text. Plays in English. Run time 72 mins Good quality, this item has been duplicated from original prints. Full refund if not satisfied.

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