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KANSAS: Device-Voice-Drum (All Region DVD) 2007

KANSAS: Device-Voice-Drum (All Region DVD) 2007


1. intro
2. Belexes
3. Icarus II
4. Icarus
5. Song for America
6. Howlin' at the Moon
7. The Wall,
8. The Preacher
9. Journey from Mariabronn
10. Dust in the Wind
11. Cheyenne Anthem
12. Child of Innocence
13. Miracles Out of Nowhere
14. Point of Know Return
15. Portrait/Pinnacle
16. Fight Fire with Fire
17. Play the Game Tonight
18. Carry On Wayward Son

New: South korean NTSC all region import, sleeve contains english and asian text. Plays in English Run time 104 mins Good quality, this item has been duplicated from original prints. Full refund if not satisfied.

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