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Herd Your Horses (1-4 Players) 8 Yrs + (1993)

Herd Your Horses (1-4 Players) 8 Yrs + (1993)

Brand:  Aristoplay, Talicor

One for young horse lovers and a solo player option is nice.

USED GOOD CONDITION: 3 Multi-player Games and 3 solitaire games in 1 box.
Game 1: You're the lead horse of a herd that has escaped the ranchers and gone wild. Collect 9 mares/foals and be the first to Green River Valley.
Game2: You're a rancher out to round up horses that have broken free. Make it to Green River valley with a one of each type of horse (eight types)
Game 3: Same as game 2, but the goal is to arrive at Green River Valley with three pairs of horses that each have attributes in common (same colour, etc.)

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